Turn your voice into an e-card for all occasions. Create an emotional connection when you greeetcard someone you love

How Does it work?

GreeetinCard is an online card shop that allows you to create amazing e-cards with your customized voice message.

Personalize your card-giving experience that is uniquely by you, from the bottom of your heart.

Perfect for celebrating Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentines, Friendships, Father's Day, Mother's Day, saying Thank you, sending a Greeting and more. Perfect for every occasion is our motto.

1. ⏺ Record your message → 2. ⏭ Upload it → 3. ▶ Choose background music → 4. ✔ Fill & place order → 5. ⏸ Wait → 6. ⏮ Preview
⬇& 7⬇

Beautiful, Surprising and Heartfelt

The receiver will get the e-card with an additional QR code at the bottom. They can then read and hear your message followed by the song you chose and choose to send you back a "Thank You" e-card by either scanning the QR code or clicking the link free of charge.

Making Moments Special

Human voice can give emotions and feelings to things. GreetinCard helps you create e-cards with the deepest expression of love, care, importance, excitement and gratitude. Send an e-card to someone you love today.

What will they get?

A Beautifully Designed Web CardYour Personalized Voice MessageA Free Return Note/Card OfferLove and appreciation in a small package

Show someone today just how much you love them, how much you appreciate them, how much you are proud of them and are thankful for them.
Send them an e-card!
They say actions are better than words well, today we combine actions with words.

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